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    Outgoing, logical and decisive, the ENTJ leads by providing conceptual structure and setting goals, rather than by detailing and enforcing procedures, codes and regulations. This “big picture” type rises naturally to conspicuous positions of power and responsibility in all organizational settings (business, military, educational, governmental.) Disorganization, confusion, emotion, inefficiency and illogic drive ENTJs to take charge of situations and institutions. Their intuition fuels their vision and defines their goals. They deal with the world boldly, in an assertive, analytical, objective and organized way which inspires others to salute them and do whatever the ENTJ needs done--including all the detail work! ENTJs certainly do get things done, both at home and at work, but often at substantial cost in terms of wear and tear on the human spirit, for they may neglect the importance of the personal element in accomplishing their purpose. More than any other, this type seems to struggle between an inner drive toward creative spontaneity and the desire for order in the universe.

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    ENTJ Career Profile: 25+ pages, includes in-depth career information, management and employee styles.
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    The Career Profile covers:

    What are the appropriate careers for this type?
    What career fields does this type excel in?
    What type of management style does this type respond to?
    How does this type manage others?
    ENTJ Loving Relationship Profile: 35+ pages, includes loving relationship style, and combination reports with all other personalities.
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    In the Loving Profile—find out:

    What does this type need from their partner in relationships?
    What is this type looking for in a mate?
    What are the strengths & weaknesses of this type in relationships?
    How does this type get along with other personality types in loving relationships?
    ENTJ Comprehensive Profile: both the Career & Loving Relationship Profiles
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