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    Enthusiastic, outgoing, analytic idea people. ENTPs often are multitalented characters interested in nearly everything. Independent, non-conforming and sometimes a little rebellious and confrontational, this type may be an inspiration to others who will follow the ENTP guru into uncharted waters--sometimes shark-infested! Many ENTPs have a hard time dealing with long-range planning, facing practical constraints to their projects, coping with structured working situations and authority figures, and keeping their interpersonal relationships on an even keel. Entrepreneurship may meet this type’s needs when more conventional business situations are unattractive. The ENTP has the ability to succeed in a variety of careers--and may move from one to another over the course of a lifetime--always seeking new opportunities and retreating from projects which have degenerated to hum-drum routine. Whatever their chosen field of endeavour, from sales to science, art or writing to psychology, ENTPs always play the role of visionary, promoter, marketeer and instigator.


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