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    ESFJs are outgoing, sociable, practical and organized. They pride themselves on their reflexive skills to harmonize, entertain and nurture others. Duty, personal service, manners and social order come second-nature to this type. Warm, friendly and naturally talented at working with others and organizing people and events, ESFJs make excellent salespeople, health care providers, teachers, homemakers and hosts. They work well as club and committee members, and their type numbers conspicuously among volunteer, church, charitable, social and civic organizations. Traditional, conservative and loyal, ESFJs work hard, devoting their time and energy to family and friends. This caring type has little tolerance for those whose actions or omissions hurt others’ feelings, and they may let the offender know! Although ESFJs derive personal satisfaction from helping others, they need verbal and tangible strokes of appreciation for their good work. When they do not receive the kind of recognition and reciprocation they feel is due, ESFJs may suffer attacks of righteous indignation.


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