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    The ESFP is warm, outgoing, optimistic and caring--a cheerful person who’s always ready for a good time and avoids the company of dreary “doom and gloom” people who take themselves too seriously. Count on ESFPs to settle in occupations which let them be “people people”--working in sales, human services, business, nursing, crisis intervention or the performing arts. They are naturally gifted at observing human behavior and figuring out what others want. Whatever the ESFP’s work choice, talking must be part of the job! To be at their best, ESFPs need to be around other people--and this type will go to great lengths to avoid solitude and isolation. ESFPs believe that life, work and relationships should be fun and rewarding. ESFPs are unlikely to stick around when clouds darken the skies for too long at a stretch. Charming, clever and open-minded, the witty ESFP is likely to be seen by others as a party person--so much so that this type may be ill-at-ease in business fields which expect seriousness, formality, logic, conceptual thinking, organization and punctuality.


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