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    ISFPs are quiet, practical, sensitive and spontaneous. Somewhat shy and retiring, folks of this type are drawn to a complex array of occupations which offer some measure of solitude and also allow them to keep a finger on the pulse of life. Forestry, horticulture, farming, scuba diving, mining and construction attract some ISFPs, as do the hands-on fields of carpentry, woodworking, pottery, weaving and production art. Professional athletics, music and performance also draw a disproportionate number of this type. You’ll find other ISFPs at work in a variety of human services fields, where their sensitivity and skill at observation arm them well to help others. Sensuous and earthy, many ISFPs make working or playing in the out-of-doors a high priority. The ISFP values independence strongly and tends to retreat or escape from situations which become too unpleasant, confining or demanding. This free spirit’s natural characteristics run counter to the expectations of most business organizations, so you’ll rarely find this type at the top of the corporate ladder.


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