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    ISTJs are quiet, serious, responsible, sensible, patient, conservative, loyal and steadfast--maintainers of society’s time-honored traditions and institutions. This “Rock of Gibraltar” type needs to be needed and readily takes on a parental role, in their working relationships, as well as with friends and family. They often settle in occupations in law enforcement or government, teaching, banking and finance, religious service or administration, or business. They are ideally suited to positions in bureaucratic organizations, and they naturally adapt to playing the roles assigned to them--whether as leaders or followers. ISTJs function well in jobs requiring accurate record keeping of facts and figures. They are the enforcers of law, policy, procedure, schedules and principles, and they exert a stabilizing effect on society. Hard work, honesty, politeness, timeliness and faithfulness to family, friends and country are foremost among the ISTJ’s honored values. They tend to resist unnecessary change in all aspects of their lives and they see most innovation as disruptive.


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