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    ISTPs are factual, sensible, logical and reflective. They enjoy activity, independence and solitude and may work happily and productively for 20 hours at a stretch. Curious, practical and often mechanically adept, many excellent craftsmen and production artists are ISTPs, as are professionals in electronics, engineering and mechanics and stars in individual athletic competition and team sports. ISTPs are masterful at analyzing complex systems and introducing change to improve productivity and efficiency. This type is noted for working out easier ways to get things done: often a great asset, but also a potential liability if the ISTP side-steps regulations, codes and laws. In business and finance, ISTPs often rise to the top because they combine a no-nonsense facts-and-figures approach with a “why not try it?” openness to strategy. They tend to be objective, competitive and coolly rational in most life pursuits. More feeling types may perceive the ISTP’s approach to personal relationships as detached, conditional and utilitarian, but ISTPs retort that their behavior is merely unemotional.


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