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    Resources for Professional Users of Personality Type & Temperament

    For over 20 years, we have been offering a comprehensive array of tools for use by type and temperament professionals, educators, consultants, and counselors.

    Questions? Call us at (502)225-3025.

    The Insight Board Game

    The concept of personality type has long been regarded by trainers, coaches, counsellors and psychologists as a highly valid and powerful tool for a range of applications such as counselling, training, teaching and consulting. The I nsight Game is a self awareness development tool which provides a framework for understanding our world and those around us. You'll be delighted with the Insight Game. It's accurate, revealing, impactful. . . and it's fun!


    • Game board depicting the eight preferences
    • 36 two-sided preference cards to help clients "sort out" their types
    • 16 card Type-temperament sorting deck to provide instant feedback
    • Instructor's manual including validation information

    • Organizational consultants and trainers enjoy using The Insight Game with large groups, where conventional personality assessment is impractical. Assign your clients to find out their personality type before your training seminar and allow them to download Comprehensive Personality Profiles.
    • Priests, ministers and marriage counselors find The Insight Game helpful for couples counseling—especially when one or both parties are resistant to “taking tests.” Give your clients the homework assignment of determining their personality types before their couples counseling session or pre-marital counseling workshop. Have both clients read each other's profiles to gain a better understanding of each other's needs, motives, strengths, and weaknesses in the relationship.
    • College educators and counselors appreciate the low cost of The Insight Game as a teaching aid. Give your students access to quick, accurate personality assessment and comprehensive profiles in your career center.
    • Type specialists everywhere find The Insight Game useful as a one-on-one counseling tool to help clients and trainees discover their “true type,” when the results of paper and pencil tests are ambiguous on one or more preference scales.
    Insight Board Game

    Insight Professinal Profile License

    Offer your patients, students or clients the most extensive personality profiles. Positively and informally written, these friendly reports are powerful self-esteem builders.

    One, Two and Five year licensing of Insight Personality Profiles is available to accommodate the needs of clinical professionals, educators, management consultants, career centers, and corporations. Professional License Holders have the ability to distribute limitless personality profiles to their clients, trainees, or students. Secure web access is given to download the profiles. License Holders are able to add their own letterhead to profiles or make other customizations using the word processing program of their choice.

    Insight Professional Profile Online License

    Insight Game for PowerPoint

    The key to quickly typing large groups. Includes 41 PowerPoint slides, Reproducible answer sheets, and one-page personality profiles.

    • No test booklets
    • No scoring templates
    • fast, fun, accurate!

    Insight Professional Profile Online License

    Insight III: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Becoming a Type-Temperament Wizard In Organizations

    by Martine J. RoBards, Ph.D & Steven C. Coats

    If you're a counselor, consultant, trainer, or teacher who uses type- or temperament-based group exercises this volume of reproducible masters will provide you with a grab bag of tricks you'll use for years to come. 356 pages of creative ideas!

    We guarantee Insight III to be the most complete, creative handbook for type and temperament teaching, training and consulting on the market today. This massive reference CD is packed to capacity with everything you need to develop exciting lectures and experiential learning sessions for the groups you train

    Dozens of human resources specialists all over the United States and Canada contributed to the development of this tome, and now you can have the benefit of their knowledge and practical experience

    The handouts and exercises in Insight III are copyright waived for duplication and distribution to your trainees, with no use charges, ever!

    • Case Studies
    • Jokes
    • Games
    • Anecdotes
    • Quizzes and puzzles
    • Handouts
    • Quotations
    • Values clarifications exercises
    • Introductions
    • fables, myths and fairy tales
    • Construction tasks

      "A significant resource for trainers and consultants"
      Jean Stokes, Bulletin of Psychological Type Vol. XII, 3, 1989)


      Type-Temperament Trainer's Resource

      All of our PowerPoint presentations have been consolidated into an incredible arsenal of training aids includes 488 original images, plus trainer's guides, handout masters and speaker's notes.

      Included in this package are:

      • Type & Temperament Training System, illustrated by INFJ Disney cartoonist Roger Armstrong (the man who brought you "Little Lulu" and "Scamp,") 56 PowerPoint images, plus 56-page trainer's guide
      • Temperament Training Systems, illustrated by INFP cartoonist John Marhall, whose hilarious work has been published in top magazines and newspapers, and whose animated feature "Peace" is included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art (NY). Each package includes handouts/speaker's notes.
      • Basic Temperament (61 images)
      • Teaching Temperament (56 PowerPoint images)
      • Learning Temperament (48 PowerPoint images)
      • Working Temperament (40 PowerPoint images)
      • Leadership Temperament (72 PowerPoint images)
      • Loving Temperament (96 PowerPoint images)
      • Customer Skills Profile, 18 PowerPoint images, employing a novel sorting of preferences to illustrate how people approach sales and service, and what they expect as customers.
      • Insight Game for PowerPoint, 41 PowerPoint images, the perfect way to determine type for large groups.


    What Professionals are saying about the Insight Game and Insight Type-Temperament Training Products

    “The Insight Game for Windows is a significant alternative to the MBTI™. . . I think it’s wonderfully designed. The questions in The Insight Game show a nuanced grasp of type theory, and the type descriptions are excellent. This is the most competent instrument I’ve seen that is accessible by a broad market.” Dr. Tad Guzie, Dean of Educational Research, University of Calgary, AB, Canada


    "The Insight Game for Windows is…easy to use, engaging... It is an excellent training program--filled with stimulating and entertaining cartoon images which enable people to incorporate these valuable concepts painlessly." Marly Bergerud, Dean, Business Science and Institutional Advancement, Saddleback College, author of several books for Windows users

    "A good non-threatening introduction to (type and) temperament--and a good selection of profile pictures." Ken Greenhill, Training and Development, BP
    "The word "game" does not do justice to this valuable tool." Patrick Smith, Managing Director, Altus Personnel "A useful innovation." Bruce Crawford, Manager Human Resources, BHP Steel

    "People are the most important resource in any business. The Insight Game for Windows provides a fast, fun tutorial to help people understand themselves and their team members better. The Insight Board Game has been used at the Australian Graduate School for Management virtually since the day it was released for sale. We will be using this powerful software program in our Executive MBA and Continuing Education Programs." Professor Roger Collins, U. of NSW

    "I always start my Qualifying Programs with The Insight Game. This method has proven to be effective and efficient in integrating type concepts...even as the game is being completed. I will now additionally introduce trainees to the software version...the next leap forward. " Daniel Foster, MBTI Qualifying Program Trainer

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